Our Students’ Union

Class representatives are elected every year through formal elections. The process of election consists of notification, nominations, withdrawal of names, scrutiny and elections. The selected representatives form a CABINET comprising of President, Vice President, General Secretary and several other Secretaries with different portfolios. The respective secretaries look into problems related to their portfolios and suggest remedial measures for the same. They hold regular meetings and forward their suggestions to the administration for further development of the College. General Secretary of the students union is member of the governing body as prescribed by University Statute. Their representatives are also included into different committees that look after Students Welfare Fund, Health Unit, Admission, Seminars, etc. The Union takes part in all round development of the College in a big way and at the same time looks into the academic interest of the students.  The cordial relation between the representatives of the Union, the non-teaching staff and teaching staff of the College is one thing that one can boost of.   Email: rbcectmcp@gmail.com   Website : helpdeskrbcec.blogspot.in   Mobile : 9804291910/9038939220

Unit President : Subham Das (8335874494)

Unit Secretary : Dipakar Ghosh


1 President Rohit Shaw
2 Vice President Sunil Thakur
3 General Secretary Rajat Sarkar (8481989736)
4 Asst. General Sec. Moumita Saha
5 Treasurer Bishwarup Banerjee
6 Aid Fund Sec. Dipika Guha



Asst. Aid Fund Sec.

i Bidisha Basu
ii Subhankar Ghosh
iii Ramen Bakshi
8 Office Sec. Akash Rajbhar
9 Asst. Office Sec. i Rupam Karmakar
ii Sachin Ram
10 Cultural Sec. Subhrojit Bhattacharya



Asst. Cultural Sec.

i Sangita Dhak
ii Prasanna Dey
iii Chumki Bairagi
iv Mandira Roy
12 Game Sec. Sudip Kr. Maity





Asst. Game Sec.

i Ajay Shaw
ii Pappu Kr. Verma
iii Sanket Pandey
iv Raja Shaw
v Biswajit Dutta
14 Gymnasium Sec. Soumyajit Das
15 Asst. Gym Sec. i Naveen Shaw
ii Bikram Gupta
16 Magazine Sec. Rana Saha
17  Asst. Magazine Sec. i Manisha Shaw
ii Priya Karmakar
iii Riya Sutradhar
18 Library Sec. Aniruddha Singha
19 Asst. Library Sec. i Akhilesh Dusadh
ii Manish Singha
20 B. Common Room Sec. Sandip Shaw
21 Asst. B. Common Room Sec. i Vishal Mallick
ii Avijit Kundu
22 G. Common Room Sec. Sweta Rabidas
23 Asst. G. Common Room Sec. i Susmita Saha
ii Neha Koiri
24 Canteen Sec. Debojit Majumder
25 Asst. Canteen Sec. Sayan Mallick
26 Bankim Parishad Sec. Apurba Basak
27 Asst. Bankim Parishad Sec. Suprabhat Saha
28 Bigyan Parishad Sec. Nimai Das
29 Asst. Bigyan Parishad Sec. i Bishal Kar
ii Md. Tarik Ajij