Look East Vol 6 No 1 2015-16


Socio-economic Impact Assessment and Feasibility of Solar Home Lighting Systems in Gaya District of Bihar – Amit Kumar Bhandari & Shamsul Akhtar

Ethics in Financial Market: A Study in Indian perspective – Suvarun Goswami & Abhijit Pakira

Influence of Profitability on Capital Structure Decision : An Empirical Analysis of Fifty Firms Listed Both in BSE and NSE – Raju Mondal

Social Contribution of Micro-pension in India – Samapti Goswami

Differential Morbidity Pattern among the Male and Female Population in India-The Vulnerable Middle Aged Woman? – Mauli Sanyal

A Study on NPA Management of Paschimbanga Gramin Bank in West Bengal – Subhas Chandra Sarkar & Dilip Kumar Karak

Export and Economic Growth in India : An Econometric Analysis – Susobhan Maiti

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