Library Rules

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Reader’s Service

  • Keeping records of all registered members of all categories-students, staff, teachers and others
  • Issuing and returning of documents
  • Keeping book reservation
  • Sending reminders for documents overdue and collection of fine
  • Maintaining statistics of issue and return of documents
  • Providing reading room facilities
  • Extending reference services
  • Compilation of bibliographies and documentation lists
  • Providing information services
  • Readers’ guidance as and when necessary
  • Rendering instructional services
  • Providing internet facilities
  • Other reader’s services

Staff Members

Librarian (Associate Rank)

Mr. Santosh Kumar Tunga


Phone: +91 9432080868


Mr. Lashman Sarkar


Phone: +91 9836314862

Library Clerk

Mr. Saikat Sarkar

Phone: +91 9432054154

 Library Peons

Mr. Samar Chakraborty

Phone: +91 8013710200

Mr. Tusher kanti Biswas


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